Pathfinder goodness

New additions, mass slaughter.
A fox and two elves enter a clearing....

The elven heavy and the human mentalist have been traveling through wilderness, nearing the tree line hoping to reach a giant sage rumored to live in a castle in the sky to activate the tome they had discovered and give them untold power. Unbeknown to them, revenants had been stalking the pair, intent on revenge from beyond the grave. A Druid accompanied by his vicious badger companion, had been pursuing these affronts to nature ready to return them to the natural cycle. Meanwhile an arcaniast who was on a sample collecting expedition was being tailed by a fox.
After dispatching the revenants the combatants agreed to join forces to find the giant sage and discover what could possibly be corrupting the woodlands.
The next day the group happened upon a foul religious ceremony being performed by half-orks, all were brutally killed to a man, the adventurers pressed onward.


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